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New and Revised CCRPI results for Henry County Schools

Henry County Schools v. State CCRPI Scores
Henry County Schools v. State CCRPI Scores

HENRY COUNTY, GA On April 21, 2014 the Georgia Department of Education released the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI), for the 2012 and 2013 school years. For 2012 this is the second release, this time recalculated using the 2013 metrics. This is to allow for an “apples to apples” comparison between 2012, and 2013.

Corrected and Revised

The 2013 CCRPI score for Patrick Henry High and Patrick Henry Middle were placed incorrectly during a cut and past. The slide is now fixed, and the narrative has been adjusted to reflect the change.

Stockbridge High with 5 point and Dutchtown High with 4.9 point gains carried the day enabling the District to score 1.9 points above the state average. They were the only two High Schools with a positive gain in points. Woodland High had the single greatest loss at 9.6 points. See slides for details.

Ola Middle led the pack with 11.5 points, supported by Woodland Middle with 9.7 points and Stockbridge Middle with 5.6 points, but in the end, the District dropped 4.9 points and fell below the state average by 1.3 points.

While the District Elementary Schools beat the state average, there were only seven schools earning 2 points or better: Flippen 8.5 points, Woodland 5.6 points, Oakland 5.4 points, Cotton Indian 3.8 points, East Lake 3.1 points, Pleasant Grove 2.5 points and Ola Elementary 2 points.

Several notable changes found in the new CCRPI measurement tools:

  • Schools with grades K-1 and K-2 will use 3rd grade English Language Arts (ELA), Reading, and Mathematics Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) data. The old calculation asked primary schools to submit data based on readiness for the next grade.
  • Fifth grade students passing five core courses which includes reading must also pass all CRCT’s.
  • Eighth grade students passing four core courses must also pass the CRCT and any required End-of-Course Tests (EOCT).
  • Ninth grade Students with Disabilities earning three credits in core courses must also pass the required EOCT.
  • Ninth grade students earning four credits in core courses must pass the required EOCT. Ninth Grade normally has the highest failure rate of any year in high school, and Math is the predominate course failed.

There are two reading metric changes for Eighth Grade, and High School Students taking American Literature. Students will no longer be benchmarked against the 95th percentile Lexile measure for their grade. Eighth Grade students are expected to score a Lexile measure of 1050 or better, and High School Students are expected to score Lexile measure of 1275 or better on the American Literature EOCT.

You can read a one page CCRPI summary here (pdf), and a five page Detailed Summary of Changes here (pdf). You can view, download, or print a 4 page pdf copy of the slides here.

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