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New and recycled fashion, the easiest way to create an eclectic style


great style and Buffalo Exchange find

New Mexico is known for its rather eclectic sense of style.  Santa Fe for instance is known for its southwest cowboy eccentricities and Albuquerque for its burgeoning sense of vintage appeal partnered with modern trend.  What makes these creative fashion outlets really shine though are the constant energizing forces of individual creativity. 

Albuquerque is by no mean the first city to appreciate that art of unique fashion, but it has certainly taken the idea of it to heart.  It seems that every neighborhood in Albuquerque has a thrift store stocked full of ready for reuse fashion and a frenzy of repeat customers looking for something uniqueto remix department store clothing. 

Betsy Johnson dress found at Buffalo Exchange

 The University neighborhood, Nob Hill along Central, has adopted several clothing stores that exists because of a movement away form 'one size fits all' fashion.  The Buffalo Exchange ,for example, is an establishment that earns its keep through the creativity of its customers.  Its quite literally the holy grail of clothing thrift stores, a place to buy sell or trade clothes and accessories. So the next you feel like letting go of your old favorite clothes remember that there is a place that will appreciate how cool they really are and pay you for them too.

Bufflao Exchange photoshoot

  Really feeling the eclectic vibe but don't feel like your closet can support the mix? Try searching for new or thrifted items from all over, even places you've never shopped before, you never know where you might find something you like that will add a great twist to a classic look.   



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