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New AMC show about...taxidermy? 'Immortalized' to air tonight

Tonight, AMC, the network behind such favorites as The Walking Dead and Mad Men, will be premiering their new show, “Immortalized”, as part of "Real Original Thursdays". "Real Original Thursdays" is a new line of programming with a focus on "unscripted" stories that are brimming with eccentricity. Immortalized will air at 10:00/9:00 p.m. right behind Freakshow at 9:30/8:30 p.m. If you love wild and crazy television, then this is your night.

AMC via

Immortalized explores the weird and controversial subject of taxidermy, so it's sure to be a show on comic book artist Roman Dirge's D.V.R. What makes Immortalized different, besides the fact it focuses on the art of stuffing dead animals, is that here taxidermy is turned into a competition. Each piece is exquisitely analyzed down to the very last detail to determine which artist's work of art is the most compelling of its peers.

Each episode will feature one of four "Immortalizers" who will be facing a "Challenger" in a competition. The goal? To create a piece consisting of the best possible of these three criteria: originality, craftsmanship and interpretation of the current week's theme. May the best taxidermist win!


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