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New Alternatives: Non Toxic Hair Chalk

Temporary Hair Dye Color Soft Pastels Salon Set Kit
Temporary Hair Dye Color Soft Pastels Salon Set Kit

Non Toxic hair chalk is the latest trend for adding a pop of color to your hair. The product line is a temporary hair coloring system that comes in a thirty-six color soft pastel kit. Non Toxic hair chalk has been tested and is totally safe! It is a great alternative for coloring the hair without harsh chemicals and dyes that can damage your hair. In minutes, you can create highlights instantly in a wide array of vivid colors. Also, hair chalk can allow you to change your hair color everyday if you choose too! It is water soluble and washes out easily without any residue. More importantly, your hair remains healthy.

Non Toxic hair chalk comes in a variety of colors and is most effective when the hair is slightly damp. It even works well on dark hair depending on what color you use. This product had received a five star rating from customers who have purchased and used the product line. The system is affordable and is currently available on It also has a money back guarantee if the consumer is not satisfied as well as a 30 day free trial. It comes complete with an instructional video and it retails for 11.55 plus shipping.

The creator of the product line is Susie Yi and she has additional products such as a complete make up brush set coming out in July 2014 available on