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New alternate art 'Magic: the Gathering' cards hit 'Magic Online'

New Magic: the Gathering art
New Magic: the Gathering art
Wizards of the Coast

A recent update to Wizards of the Coast's digital Magic: the Gathering program Magic Online contained several new unreleased artworks. The big news is that many of the pictures look like existing cards, meaning that they might be reprinted. Most notably, there appears to be new artwork for the ten original dual lands.

Alternate art Volcanic Island?
Wizards of the Coast

Click to view the new images.

While some might revel in the opportunity to pick up a set of alternate art dual lands in From the Vault: Realms, don't get your hopes up. They're on the Reserved List.

Revealed in a post by the MtgSalvation user bactgutz, although it might be possible that the new alternate art dual lands will be given away as part of a promotion on Magic Online, it is far more realistic for Wizards of the Coast to be using the new alternate art dual land images for the upcoming Magic the Gathering Online Cube.

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