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New Age 101: Where can I take belly-dancing classes in Calgary?

Ariellah, Belly Dance Teacher in Calgary
Ariellah, Belly Dance Teacher in Calgary

Ariellah, belly dance teacher and owner of Lotus Dance Bellydance Studio, talks frankly and openly about her passion for this beautiful form of self-expression. From the time she was a little girl, Ariellah loved to dance. She would stand in front of the TV and dance along to TV musicals and teen dance shows.

Ariellah began belly dancing after seeing it performed on a cruise ship. She then discovered a studio called Sahbra’s Belly Dance and Fitness School where she found her mentor and teacher, Sahbra. Ariellah then made a name for herself as a professional belly dancer, performing and dancing in many of Calgary’s Greek and Arabic restaurants, at parties and at women’s events. She continues performing and learning about what she describes as “a beautiful art form… [that] has now become a world dance… one can travel almost anywhere and now find a belly dance school.”

Ariellah got into belly dancing because she wanted to keep her fitness level up, do something fun and keep her interest up. For thirty years, she has been learning about this creative dance and now shares her knowledge and experience as a belly dance teacher. Ariellah teaches women of all shapes and sizes, fifteen years and older.

Ariellah had a bout with breast cancer last year, but continued dancing and teaching throughout her treatments. She shared her experiences with her students, even through the exhaustion and hair loss. Ariellah says, “dancing and knowing [my students] supported me made my treatments that much easier to go through.”

Ariellah runs classes throughout the year, with some time in the summer off. To inquire about her classes, contact her at Lotus Bellydance Studio, or 403-247-9776.