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New Age 101: Card-Reading in Southern Alberta


Go into any bookstore or new age shop and you’ll find a wide range of cards including Angel, Tarot, Fairy, Goddess and my favourite, Animal Spirit cards.

Trish Hoskin, Card Reader in Fort Macleod, Southern Alberta
Chris Hoskin

Reading cards is a great pathway for the subconscious and the conscious mind to communicate. Many people believe that there is power in the cards themselves, but this is a common misconception. The “power” of the cards is in the dynamic interpretation of them. There are factors that influence the interpretation of the cards, including the person doing the card reading and the person receiving it.

I’ve been reading cards for over five years and have had the pleasure of reading for dozens of people, as well as being the resident “fortune-teller” for the Lethbridge Amnesty International Write for Rights campaign for two years. My favourite thing about reading cards for others is the powerful insights that emerge during a one-hour session.

A card reading session is one of the ultimate ways to take care of ones spiritual and emotional needs. An hour of focused attention and loving energy on just you, can be an amazing experience, and heaven knows we typically don’t spend enough time nurturing ourselves in such a positive and empowering way.

Some people are afraid of having their cards read. As Peggy Lynch, Astrologer Extraordinaire says, “If you’re afraid of the cards, you’re afraid of yourself”. That said, it is suggested that you find a card-reader who doesn’t subscribe to predicting doom and gloom, as those indeed can be awful card-reading experiences.

Why do a reading? Perhaps there is a question that concerns you, or you are confused about life’s path, a relationship or your career. My cards are Animal Spirit cards – they are based on the characteristics of various animals and can be powerful tools in discovering hidden dreams, talents and insights.

One of the most valuable pieces of my readings is the option to have an original pen and ink piece of art done that depicts the significant animals of the reading. This makes an excellent gift to either yourself or to someone special. Below you will find a slideshow that showcases some of the pieces I have done.

I am also available to do group card readings, providing a shorter reading at a discounted price to a maximum of ten people.

Prices are as follow:

  • ½ hour Reading: $75
  • 1 hour Reading: $100
  • Accompanying Artwork: $50
  • Group Session: $30/person, plus travel expenses

Please contact me at 403-553-4632 (leave a message) or to book a card reading.


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