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New adult fitness science multiplies water exercise effectiveness

This stride stretcher exercise delivers massive amounts of motion resistance only against core muscle contractions. Devices like these make the condition of leg joints of little consequence, making the Direct Resistance exercise very powerful for adults
This stride stretcher exercise delivers massive amounts of motion resistance only against core muscle contractions. Devices like these make the condition of leg joints of little consequence, making the Direct Resistance exercise very powerful for adults
Craig Wise

This morning (April 29, 2014) engineers from the not for profit Adult Exercise Efficiency Project exclusively provided examiner/news, several discoveries from their study, that can be used by adults to massively and painlessly increase the muscle strengthening effectiveness of traditional water exercises, like swimming, water aerobics and water board swimming.

In 2000, before they became the first people to ever trace the paths and interactions of exercise forces through the human body, fitness and exercise science experts realized that motion resistance energy is the force that creates exercise, simply because it hinders motions to make the muscles work harder.

Because mapping exercise forces is still not part of their educations, exercise science experts had no information about how efficiently the motion resistance energy reaches targeted muscles, or what else it may damage along the way.

It does not appear that modern fitness and exercise science experts were even taught that motion resistance energy damages every part of the body that it overworks, on land or in water.

In 2012 the Adult Exercise Efficiency project became the first fitness and exercise science group to argue that only the muscle systems of average adults need frequent stout exercise, to reach and maintain powerful fitness for decades. Because after around age 20, joints and disks are finished with rapid development.

After age 20 overworking these parts frequently often to maintain powerful fitness, never allows them enough time to fully recover (heal), so instead these parts prematurely wear down, ending the average adult's ability do stout traditional exercises.

Virtually every stout exercise method, wet or dry, still uses the skeleton to kinetically carry the motion resistance energy to the targeted muscles. This stresses the moving parts of skeleton immensely more than they can targeted muscles.

Today's report covers several physical principles that their force mapping techniques exposed, that allow far more of this motion resistance energy to reach targeted muscles, while doing traditional type water exercises.

Here is today's report from project engineer James Farrow:

"Imagine rowing a boat with oars that also bend half way down their shafts".

"You would be able to do the rowing motion very easily, but you will not go very far, nor will you be able to apply high muscle exertion. This is because most of the motion resistance energy that the paddle ends load, escapes by bending the oar before it could even reach the big body muscles".

"Force mapping exercise methods shows how almost all traditional water exercises (swimming or aerobics) lose most of the muscle building force before it ever reaches muscles".

"But if the oars (legs or arms) do not bend, that motion resistance reaches the body. And if the body is also held motionless, almost every gram of the motion resistance energy is forced to fight it's way out by only opposing targeted muscle contractions".

"Because traditional water exercises naturally have many body motions happening at the same time, most of the motion resistance energy escapes before deeply opposing anything, including joints and spinal disks. Therefore water exercises naturally cause less damage to these fragile parts than traditional dry fitness and exercise science methods. However, this also means that they build very little muscle, because few skeletal attached muscles get to apply high enough exertion to be hard worked when the resistance escapes".

"Traditional water exercises that are able to hold a targeted heart rate, are far better as cardio workouts for adults, than any dry cardios performed on their feet. The wet versions avoid body weight fighting a very destructive war against the motion resistance energy from gravity, inside joints and disks, that is inherent with all these dry versions".

"The first physical law that we discovered to increase the muscle building effectiveness of water aerobics type exercises, is to stabilize the body so that only the motions directly caused by the targeted muscles are allowed to happen, which cuts off all the escape routes for the motion resistance energy, forcing it to fight contractions instead".

"For example, modern water fitness and exercise science experts often teach adults with weak or damaged knees, to do a bicycle riding motion in water. This exercise does allow users to practice more knee motion because there is no weight smashing the knee, but their moving hips act like a pressure relief valve, releasing most of the motion resistance force without forcing it to deeply work only the muscles around the weak or damaged knee".

"If instead fitness and exercises science experts taught these people to only swing the knees, while holding their upper legs together and motionless, the only escape route for the motion resistance energy is through the muscles that swing the knee".

"Our measurements indicate that for about the same amount of time and effort as the bicycle motion in water, the muscles around the knees can also fight up to about 40 times more resistance force, when only the knees are allowed to move".

"To easily overwork just the core attached muscles (abs, gluts, hams, quads, etc.) in water, the knees and elbows must not move, while the hips drive their full range running motion".

"As long as the knees or elbows remain motionless, water exercises mimic oars that do not bend half way down, so almost all of the motion resistance energy reaches the core muscles. As long as the body is also held motionless, all of the motion resistance is forced to only oppose the muscle contractions".

"To enhance the muscle building of swimming, the first thing adults need to do is forget about how fast they can swim, or how many laps they normally do. Swimming is actually a form of transportation, which is about getting through water with the least amount of resistance. Swimming to build muscle is the opposite, fighting all the motion resistance possible, so it is very slow going when it comes to the amount of distance covered".

"But this is very empowering for what is normally the hardest muscles for adults to work, the core. Regular swimmers should try one lap without bending their knees, only using their big core muscles to swing their straight legs and feet. As long as their knees do not give in (bend) this simple change will also work their core muscles up to about 40 times harder than the traditional wet exercises still being taught by today's fitness and exercise sciences experts".

"Another muscle building trick for swimmers is to stop lifting their arms out of the water on return motions, to instead to push water both directions. This cuts swimming speed to about the pace of a baby crawling, but it nearly doubles the amount of upper body muscle exercise in the same amount of time, by also working opposing muscles".

"Many adults also get exercise by kicking laps on water boards, they can use the same trick for swimmers, to drive their feet straight from their core muscles. Two laps with straight legs will give them immensely more core exercise than twenty laps with knees bending".

Their project, calls this new fitness and exercise science, 'Direct Resistance' exercise, as apposed to kinetic exercise, which until now all exercise methods were considered to be. Because the methods of Direct Resistance deliver the resistance energy to the targeted muscles first, the chain of kinetic bone to bone force transfers do not happen, and the first non-kinetic fitness and exercises science is reality.

Force Mapping exercise methods exposes many advantages for all adults from Direct Resistance exercise, but the greatest may be that this is the first fitness and exercise science that can allow older adults who are too weak or worn down to do stout kinetic exercises, to do extremely powerful and efficient muscle and cardio workouts.

Note, you should not try any new exercise methods without fully understanding them, and having your doctor's blessings, first.

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