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New ads defend Coke's aspartame usage

Coca-Cola to run ads, praising aspartame.
Coca-Cola to run ads, praising aspartame.

Coca-Cola is planning to run several ads, defending its use of aspartame in its diet sodas. Coca-Cola uses aspartame, commonly know as NutraSweet, in its diet drinks. According to an August 13 report by ABC News, the Coca-Cola ads will explain how aspartame can be used to help people manage their weight and the scientific evidence that shows aspartame is safe.

The sales of Coca-Cola diet products have been declining recently. The soda company is hoping this will help revive its sales.

The first “wave of ads” will explain how Coca-Cola is committed to helping to fight obesity. Those ads will also be reassuring people that lower-calorie drinks “aren't harmful.”

Despite the fact that the Food and Drug Administration has stated that aspartame can be safely used as a sweetener and that the American Cancer Society has said it is not associated with an increased risk of cancer, diet soda sales are down. It isn't just Coca-Cola whose diet soda sales are down. Other soda companies are also experiencing a drop in their sales.

The ads will first run in USA Today in the Atlanta area. Then they will appear in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The Chicago Tribune will run the ads next week.