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New ACE web tool helps kids get fit

Operation Fit Kids is a collaborative program to help kids get healthy.
Operation Fit Kids is a collaborative program to help kids get healthy.
Image courtesy of Operation Fit Kids

As sisters, daughters, friends and mothers, we know that life is about more than just ourselves. It’s about sharing what we know with others and encouraging people around us to find ways toward a better life. This rings true for many things. Fitness is one of them. This week, you have an opportunity to help a young person in your life simply by sending a parent or educator in your life a link to a website.

Today, the American Council on Exercise teamed with manufacturer Henkel to launch a set of new educational tools on the Youth Fitness section of the ACE Get Fit™ website. These online resources give kids the tools they need to become or stay fit as they grow older and stronger.

The curriculum, called Operation FitKids, was designed for educators, health and fitness professionals, and parents looking to integrate health and fitness into, and outside of, the classroom. The free curriculum is composed of two seven-lesson modules - one developed for grades 3-5, and a brand new curriculum geared towards grades 6-8 - both of which teach students the extreme dangers of being overweight and the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition to housing the latest Operation FitKids curriculum, the Youth Fitness section of the ACE Get Fit website also features new youth-based resources including Fit Facts, exercise programming, answers to commonly asked questions and kid-friendly recipes.

According to the National Foundation on Physical Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, over 25 million American children over the age of six are obese or overweight - a five-fold increase in the last 30 years. You can help nip this problem in the bud. Spread the word about Operation Fit Kids today.

Operation FitKids is available in an easy-to-download PDF format and is offered as a public service of ACE.
For more information on ACE and the Henkel Helps Get Kids Fit campaign, visit



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