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New Abstracted Works at Museo Italo Americano

Two new exhibitions are coming to the Museo Italo Americano in San Francisco, each presenting recent abstracted works, from two different artists.

The artists are Richard Annunzio Moquin and Peter Scaturro and the exhibitions are Urban Thoughts and Presence in Abstraction. Both are a series of recent paintings of abstraction, exploring different themes. The works from Moquin explores the various nuances of urban life, in response to how a city makes an imprint on human life, with the use geometric shapes as an obvious reference to a city’s architectural layout, and its play on the roles in shaping human behavior and activity, symbols, and phrases that is perhaps experienced daily.

Meanwhile, the works from Scaturro, uses certain colors, lines and forms as a way to express “unbidden and exciting ideas in how to proceed in creating art”. Thus, the works are describe to a create an awareness of an intuitive and spiritual process, that can also be an “exciting mystery”. Samples from both artists can be seen on the Museo Italo Americano’s website at, and they are the cube-filled Day In Day Out from Moquin, and the line and shape heavy Presence No. 23 from Scaturro.

The upcoming exhibitions will be on view until August 10th.

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