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New Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers 2014 Hallmark keepsake ornament

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Christmas ornaments
Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Christmas ornaments

You might think it’s too soon to begin planning your Christmas decorating for your tree but for Green Bay Packers fans in Wisconsin the season has already started. That is because Hallmark has released the official Aaron Rodgers ornament for the 2014-2015 season.

Hallmark stores in Wisconsin are stocking their shelves with the one-of-a-kind first Christmas ornaments of 2014 of Packers Quarter Back Aaron Rodgers. Hallmark is featuring the Rodgers ornament nationally this year as the 20th "numbered" figure in the company's Football Legends series, the company has been producing these types of ornaments since 1995.

These featured ornaments are important to collectors as they are numbered for a standout player such as Rodgers. This type of ornament is well-suited for the legends series and it is expected to be a big seller since Green Bay has a large fan base.

Brett Favre had his football legends ornament released in 2001 and has had strong sales to date. Cornerback Charles Woodson was a Hallmark ornament in 2012 for Green Bay.

When shopping for the Aaron Rodgers ornament be sure to call ahead to see if your store has it in stock due to high demand, they will sell out quickly in the Wisconsin stores.

The Hallmark ornament featuring Aaron Rodgers can also be found online at the Hallmark stores and on Amazon. Of course there will be many eBay sellers that will readily have the ornament available also so you can easily shop around for the best price.

eBay seems to have the best selection and availability currently on the Aaron Rodgers 2014 ornament so that maybe one of the best places to check for your holiday Green Bay decorating this year. You can also find the Brett Favre Hallmark ornament and several other Green Bay Christmas ornaments on eBay.

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