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New 50 Cent album is ready to stream before release date

Cover Art
Cover Art
50 Cent

A new project from the legendary gangster rapper 50 Cent is out and ready to be heard. The album "Animal Ambition" is officially released June 3 but is open to streaming now. 50 has released a video every week in anticipation for his June 3 release.

This album is the first project by 50 after his break up with Interscope Records. Back in February, 50 Cent left his record label which has been his home since the early 2000s. This separation includes the Dr Dre and Eminem extensions at Interscope. 50 has said that he is focusing on a more independent track on releasing his music. His music is now getting distributed under Caroline which is under the Independent Services at Capital Records.

So, 50’s new adventures in music isn’t fully independent but close to it. Also, this new path includes all artists under the G-Unit wing.

"Animal Ambition" is going to be the make or break of 50 Cent’s new career path. The album is reminiscent of his older sound of battle raps and gangster attitude. The album features artists like Kidd Kidd, Jadakiss and Schoolboy Q. The album is innovative in the sense that every song on the album is accompanied by a video. This is a smart move considering the popularity of visual and digital websites like YouTube.

There is no clear predictions on how ‘Animal Ambition’ will do on the charts starting this Tuesday. Will the allowance of streaming the music before the release impact sales or help them? This new album will give light to 50 Cent’s inherent rapping talent and brings back his roots from the streets of NY and that is why no matter the album sales "Animal Ambition" is going to put 50 back on the map.

Songs to listen to:
Hold On
Flip On You
Irregular Heartbeat
Don’t Worry ‘Bout It

Stream the album here.

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