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Neverwinter Call to Arms Event Highlights

Neverwinter Tiefling Cleric with Human Spellsword Companion
Neverwinter Tiefling Cleric with Human Spellsword Companion
Perfect World Entertainment, Cryptic Studios, Hasbrow

Call to Arms Skirmishes

Skirmishes in Neverwinter are quick matched PVE instances that take place in various locations, so far all of which have been outdoor environments. While balanced for a group of five players, unlike dungeons they don’t rely on class specific roles to complete and are far shorter, often completed within 30 minutes or less by a well organized team.

Almost each month, Neverwinter holds a weekend skirmish event, highlighting a specific adventure zone that offers unique rewards by completing it during the event. For a list of all skirmishes visit the Neverwinter wiki.

Call to Arms: Defend the Temple Now Live

Beginning March 20 and running through March 24, Defend the Temple Event begins and will offer adventurers a chance at receiving the Moonshae Druid Companion, dyes, enchantments and event medallions that are tradable to the event vendor for various unique items.

For additional information on Neverwinter’s Defend the Temple Event visit the official website.

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