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Never Underestimate the Power of the Internet

Is this something new? Probably not to the average teenager...but to those who are in their mid thirties and older, the internet is still largely something that is not used so much for finding out how to do things like, change careers, or create resumes.

Yes, there are those who are savvy in this age group, but, they are most probably the minority. For the mid to late thirties and older job seekers, it is important to remember that the internet can be one of your best tools. Not just for finding a job, or career, as your individual search warrants, but for finding out how to find a job or career. This does not just cover sites that are specific for job searches, but, site that tell you more than just what the job description is for a certain career option.

Try this, go to Google and search for "how to become" whatever career title you've set your sights on. After wading through the online education advertisements, you'll most definitely find the rules and regulations for whatever career path you are currently seeking. This can be invaluable when trying to assess your current skills set, because it will help you to figure out what skills you may need to acquire or improve. You will find that most descriptions, while very specific, can be very forgiving when it comes to education and experience, if you know how to phrase what you know.

But first, you have to find out what it is that you need to know about the position. Not just the job description, but a picture of what someone in the position you seek might have for experience. There are all kinds of ways to present yourself to an employer. Of course, this does not mean lie... NEVER lie on your resume. This means death if you get an interview... but, rather, take the experience you have, and see if it has given you the same knowledge skills and abilities that are required for the position you're shooting for.

Sound complicated?

Well, it's not really, but it may be time consuming. There are resume services out there to assist with this kind of thing that may be worth the investment. Coming soon will be a list of some of the seemingly more popular ones.

Once again good luck in your job search, and there will be more advice and tips to come.

Happy Hunting!

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