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Never too late for Toys for Tots in Baltimore

Caring for children
Caring for children
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A photo of First Lady Michelle Obama on a front page of The Washington Post reminded readers  of the First Lady's work to help military families. It is surely a worthy cause. In the photo, Mrs. Obama carried a red sack filled with Toys for Tots goodies.

Two military officers accompanied Mrs. Obama, and the promotional effect worked wonders, I hope. This is the kind of promotion we can applaud, along with other attention drawn to worthy causes for donations of money, goods, services, and time.

It is never too late to donate to Toys for Tots. They reach so many children who otherwise would have few if any gifts or toys at Christmas. Their parents are either unemployed, overloaded, single, or not there, among other causes. We can give all year round, as well as soon, this Christmas.

Visit the Baltimore Toys for Tots and read about their good work. Join the many Americans that help this fine program. Merry Christmas. It's the season for giving to others and this carries all the year through. It is always time to contribute to Toys for Tots and other good works! 

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