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Never say never! Arum says Pacquiao and Mayweather still possible

Let's be real here, if this fight ever happens it has nowhere's near the attraction that it would have had a few years ago. This has got to be one of boxing's biggest failures. For this fight not to happen has to be one of the biggest travesties in boxing in many years. Now with that said, during my recent conversation with Top Rank boss, Bob Arum, he said the following, "Never say never. This fight could still happen. It wouldn't have the attraction that it once had, but it's still possible that this fight can happen."

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Well let's take a look at Pacquiao's next possible opponent. I think we all have heard of him. Juan Manuel Marquez is the front runner on Bob Arum's list. He told me yesterday that once the New Year gets behind us, he'll talk to Manny about his next fight, and Marquez is definitely a possibility.

A 5th fight with Marquez? Well, as watered down is it may appear, the last fight up until the knockout was pretty darn good, so why not? Pacquiao may want to remove that thorn from his side anyway.

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Some people are calling for Manny to retire. Let's not be delusional, Pacquiao got brutally knocked out. Not all fighters are able to recover from those kinds of knockouts. Roach said that once Manny gets back into the gym, he'll take a look at him and monitor his reflexes and see how he does. Roach said that if Manny shows signs of being washed up, he'll tell him to retire. Personally, I think Manny has plenty of gas in the tank physically, but I'm not sure if he's mentally ready. Time will tell us on that one.

Regardless how this all turns out, Pacquiao is a legend and will go down as one of the greatest of all time. The amount of mockery that has been made about his knockout is absurd. People have been hating on this man, and I for one don't get that. He's been a humble guy, and a great champion for our sport. I wish him well.

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