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"Never Say Impossible" Radio Show looks at CareerSource in Palm Beach

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Lake Worth, FL--CareerSource Palm Beach helps put Floridians back-to-work in South Florida. Myra Goldick, host of the "Never Say Impossible" Radio Show recently interviewed talent resource supervisor, Neely Young, of CareerSource about the challenges facing today's job-seekers.

Are you looking for a great career? Looking for employment or a great career is often very stressful. It is most difficult when you are out of work and feeling desperate. Rejection on any level can seriously affect your self-esteem when you don’t land that dream job.

After we go on an interview, we are often faced with the waiting game. The constant questions that pop up in your mind regarding how well you did, who was your competition, and why haven’t they called back? We are all aware that the competition is fierce for great careers, but being prepared and being able to express yourself clearly during an interview is essential. Everything is changing in the field of employment and careers. People are reinventing themselves to fit the current career atmosphere. Dusting off a 10-year-old resume is simply not the wisest way to update who you are and your skill sets. Employers are looking for certain attributes like creativity, motivation, and a general knowledge of their company. Do your research before the interview.

It is necessary when you are seeking employment to be able to identify your own preferences as to where you want to work, the kind of people you want to work with and the job characteristics you are looking for.

Right here in the state of Florida the Career Source agencies offer various occupational guides for job seekers. They will offer their clients a variety of tools and resources for career exploration, suggestions on educational retraining, and even job search instructions. They have a special division for our veterans as well. They are an agency I highly recommend that you explore whether you are very young and just entering the job market, or a senior looking for work . Perhaps retirement simply is not enough emotionally or financially rewarding. More and more seniors are going back to work.

Remember that it is important that you understand what employers are looking for in a candidate. Be aware of what fields and potential careers are experiencing growths in your community.

Here are a few helpful ideas and tips:

  • Be prepared with an updated professionally composed resume at your fingertips.

  • Find out how to write a cover letter to accompany your resume, as well as a thank-you letter after the interview to the potential employer for the opportunity. This is easily done with a template.

  • Know the salary range for entry-level positions as well as experienced positions in the particular field of employment you are pursuing.

  • It is also wise to develop negotiation skills if you feel that you are being offered an unacceptable salary for what you would bring to the table to improve the productivity of the company.

  • If you are offered a position question what are the company benefits?

​About Neely Young
Neely Young of CareerSource is the supervisor of talent acquisition at the Palm Beach County Division. Neely holds a B.S in business and marketing from Alburn University. Her professional background in staffing and benefits administration for private companies has enabled her to foster close working relationships with her current business clients. Neely supervises a team of recruiters and works closely with program staff at CareerSource to place candidates for permanent employment. To learn more about Neely Young, visit her LinkedIn profile.

About Myra Goldick
Myra Goldick's mission in life is to enhance people's lives by spreading creative energy to others, which generates a domino effect and ultimately enriches everyone's well-being, including her own. Through her two radio shows - "Never Say Impossible" and Dancing on Our Disabilities" - books, art and professional speaking engagement she continues to inspire and bring out the best in those she meets. To learn more about Myra Goldick, visit her LinkedIn profile.


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