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Never mind the heat...killer cops murder labrador in a car

Arfie, a black lab killed by pit bull hate
Arfie, a black lab killed by pit bull hate
Craig Jones/KREM

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho: KREM News reports the horrible story about a police officer who killed a young friendly black lab because he mis-identified the dog as a pit bull.

"An Idaho police officer who shot and killed a small black lab sitting inside a vehicle this week has been telling investigators that the dog was a “vicious” pit bull."

"According to reports, an officer with the Coeur d’Alene Police Department was called out to a local coffee shop Wednesday after the shop’s owner spotted a “suspicious” van in the parking lot. The van, owned by Craig Jones, allegedly matched the description of a vehicle in a child luring case."

"Upon arriving, the officer approached the vehicle with his weapon drawn when 2-year-old “Arfie” began barking from the driver’s seat. The officer claims that is when the dog, which he described as a “vicious” pit bull, “lunged” out of the half-open window and attempted to bite his face.

The officer “defended his life” by firing through the window, striking the dog once in the chest."

Craig Jones, Arfie's dad was inside a coffee shop eating breakfast. He "was shocked to look up and see a bullet hole in his van."

“This still isn’t even real,” Jones told KREM 2 News. “This is so unrealistic to me.”

“He was raised with me from day one,” Jones said. “He goes with me everywhere.”

With daily, almost hourly reports of cops killing innocent dogs, animal lovers are concerned. With faulty statistics published by hate groups such as Colleen Lynn's and Dawn James Craven Desires, hate for pit bulls is epidemic.

News sources commonly quote the false statistics in to generate media frenzy against pit bulls. Groups such as BSL News and Pit Bull Rescue Central along with Chako Rescue bring truth, facts and years of experience and education about pit bull dogs to the table.

The astute reader will seek these learned sources for information rather than some hyped up reporter itching to make a deadline and grabbing some propaganda from a hate group to build readership and create hysteria. Would you trust your health to doctor that graduated from a university or some quack with a fly-by-night online certificate? That is the difference.

The's and Craven Desires hate groups are just that, mobs wearing sheets with burning crosses. The death of Arfie and so many, many other innocent dogs can be traced directly to these hate groups with the media toting their burning crosses.

Please sign the petition asking authorities to investigate's credentials and stop promoting false statistics which cause innocent deaths like Arfie's:

The American Pit Bull Examiner extends our deepest sympathy and disgust for Arfie's murder. The time has come to arm ourselves with education and facts....and the knowledge that truth will not be found in a hate mob's blog.

Due to a hate group's cyber-stalking and intimidation, we've moved our discussion and comments section to FACEBOOK Pages Mad Dog Press and American Pit Bull Examiner. Please visit and share your thoughts to help us save lives:



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