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Never go 'hungry on a diet' with Party Girl Diet burgers, wings, snacks and more

Hungry for a cheeseburger but on a diet?  Party Girl Diet comes to the rescue with healthy party food recipe makeovers
Hungry for a cheeseburger but on a diet? Party Girl Diet comes to the rescue with healthy party food recipe makeovers
By Jef Poskanzer from Berkeley, California, USA (Flickr) [<a href="">CC-BY-2.0</a>], <a href="">via Wikimedia Commons</a>

Does it seem like you are always on the "hungry diet" at parties, BBQ's and events? This Memorial Day Weekend, satisfy the "hungry" in you and sink your teeth into a juicy Party Girl Diet cheeseburger absolutely guilt free. That's right, you can enjoy cheeseburgers 100% guilt free...even if you are on a diet, and especially if you are 'hungry" for healthy party foods to fill you up - not out. In fact, you can "indulge" on a wide variety of healthy party foods guilt-free with recipe make-overs from the Party Girl Diet book for favorites like cheeseburgers, buffalo chicken wings, guacamole...and even fudge.

With Memorial Day Weekend right around the corner, it makes delicious sense to plan your Memorial Day Weekend BBQ around the Party Girl Diet's healthy cheeseburgers and party food "recipe makeovers" that guarantee you will never feel like you're on the I'm so "hungry" diet at a party again.

So go ahead, ditch the "I'm on the hungry diet' feeling with the following Party Girl Diet book "hunger satisfying" recipe makeovers for party snacks, appetizers and main events for your Memorial Day weekend BBQ party:

If you are still ‘hungry’ for a dessert, check out a few healthy treats from the Party Girl Diet book like the ones featured below to “keep the party going…while you lose the weight:”

Party Girl Diet book “never go hungry diet tip” Party Girl Survival Guide Tips:

  1. Cut up crisp veggies such as raw red, green, orange, and yellow sweet peppers, green beans, jicama sticks, (and old standbys like celery and carrots if you wish), etc. as a healthy and fun option to chips.
  2. When selecting chips, try some of the new baked varieties that are lower in fat and do not contain un-healthy trans fats.
  3. Place out a few bowls of healthy “good fat” rich nuts such as walnuts and almonds for guests to snack on.
  4. Alway have non-alcoholic beverages on-hand for your guests like the Party Girl Diet's Sparkling Virgin Sangria Recipe you can make ahead.
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