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Never Give Up On Yourself

“To fulfill your destiny, there are two things you must do. You must pray to make power change from the hands of the enemy to the hands of the Holy Ghost. Additionally, you must seek the restoration of your destiny through aggressive prayer.” ~D. K. Olukoya

“Failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday really did end last night.” ~Zig Ziglar

Andy Andrews has struggled through a number of difficult moments. He has faced tragedies that have rocked the very foundations of his life. What changed his life was reading biographies. It helped him to see possibilities where others only saw obstacles.

Andy lost his mother when he was a teenager. His father died a short time later in an automobile accident.

It wasn’t long before Andy’s own choices and downward spiral left him homeless and suicidal. He desperately wanted a way out of the pit he found himself in, so he began to wonder what made the difference in the quality of successful people’s lives.

He began to go to the library. Taking the stance of a detective, he determined to uncover the secrets of fulfillment. He began to read the life stories of achievers and overcomers. In all he read over two hundred biographies.

From this time of searching he wrote his own book, The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success, available at the Cleveland Public Library. Though the book would become an international bestseller, it was not an easy road to get there. His book was rejected boy fifty-one publishers. But Andy refused to give up on himself or his dream.

What made all the difference for Andy was the material he was putting into his mind. When he was held back and ready to give up, he was rehearsing what he didn’t want to happen in life.

When he began to study biographies and scripture, he began to feed his heart and soul with nutrition that would advance his life.

Once he began to see things differently, he began to think differently and then he began to act differently.

As Zig Ziglar wrote, most people wouldn’t say reading the newspaper inspires their lives or enhances their character. Yet they do it anyways. On the other hand, most people would say reading scripture and quality books would change their lives, yet few do.

As D. K. Olukoya shares, once we see ourselves as a warrior driving towards our goals and a fulfilled life, we understand that warriors make sacrifices, be it sleep or time or comfort or resources. A warrior does whatever it takes. They also watch what they feed themselves, they eat like a champion.

The same is true emotionally and mentally and spiritually. We need to watch what we take into our system, because whether we are talking physical or spiritual food, we really are what we eat.

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