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Never give up…obstacles…mountains…ARE on the path to success!

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Marco Reynolds

Have you ever watched an ant? Having Lived in Hawaii I have seen my share of them. Ants travel long distances with a purpose. They are tiny in size compared to other living creatures. They can carry up to two times their body weight. They start in one direction and when an obstacle hinders them from continuing, they will either crawl over it or change their direction. Notice they never stop.

Whether you run into setbacks in the form of relationships, financial, or career these challenges were placed in front of you to show you what you are made of. I wrote a poem (and still write) when I was faced with a life situation I was unsure how to deal with or couldn’t talk to anyone about. I turned a setback into a career. I wrote my first collection of poetry last year and although it is still a work in progress…it was a huge triumph for me personally. One poem that shows endurance and struggle, I would like to share it:

Life After You
Life goes on….
Yes, even after you!
Although I can’t believe what you put me
It was cool at first; we were inseparable.
But, we were never friends.

We only lied to ourselves;
And each other thinking it would work out
Now we’re lonely and miserable
Using others as a way out.
I learned a lot, how ‘bout you?
I learned what I will and won’t do.
I learned there is the greater love of living
life after you.

We will all no doubt run into mountains. I believe how you deal with those obstacles will make or break you. Just like ants sometimes we will face extremely large road blocks, such as debt, do not be afraid to climb that mountain. Sometimes we will face situations where the universe is telling us to walk, run, or crawl around the obstacle. Listen to you inner voice, I have found the best advice from within in many cases.

When it seems there is no way to overcome the obstacle in front of you, my advice is keep living. Tomorrow is another day.

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