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Never Forgotten: A Memorial Day Message

Never forgotten...

Never forgotten: A Memorial Day Message

There is a miracle in this nation.
Its called Freedom
It is a condition of humanity that is not found naturally occurring everywhere.
Freedom is a manifestation of God's presence on the Earth

Yet this miracle does not come only from God
But it comes from those enabled by Him and who have sacrificed so much.

For countless generations young men and women have answered the call of duty.
From small farms to big cities and little places here , there and in between.
And because our community is part of the fabric of this great nation .
Our boys and girls went to answer that call from here too.

From this call springs the desire to protect another.
To protect our way of life
To protect the notion that Peace and not War should dominate our existence
And that Love and not Hate should prevail

Only the soldier yearns for Freedom more than those who have been granted it
And this is because only the soldier knows the price to have acquired it.

On this day we observe our servicemen and women.
We ensure the memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
We thank the families who have endured the void of loss
We extend our help to those who attend to their wounds still

Though the sound of battle has subsided, at least for now
We hold our breathe in hope that those who endured the dangers
Upheld our honor
Preserved the Peace
Will never be forgotten.

God Bless our veterans , their families and these United States of America

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