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Never forget but don’t dwell

Students shot and killed by National Guard
Students shot and killed by National Guard
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We must never forget the Flight 370’s, the Benghazi’s and the JFK, MLK, RFK assassinations.

They all share a mystery of us never being privy to the truth. They all reek of cover up and the rewriting of history. History is critical to know and remember in order to not repeat it in theory although we seem to manage to do nothing but repeat it. We once had American troops fired upon and killed college students who were exercising their right to free speech via protesting the actions of our government at Kent State. Click the link to refresh your memory or learn about it if you hadn’t already known. FYI glance at some of the other headlines on the right side of this link, they look like they could be today’s news. Ironic or an example of the point of this piece?

The point being here is when the powers that be, (not the legislative, judicial, or executive branches of government,) but the puppeteers that orchestrate every last event in our lives want something swept under the rug. It gets swept under the rug period. In those cases our time and efforts are better spent focused on not allowing repeats of such grievous actions as opposed to dwelling on something they never intend to appease us on.

We are not very far removed now today Easter 2014 from where we were pre 1776. Our freedoms are under systematic assault while the fruits of our labor are being taxed to the point of the parasite endangering the very life of the host. We have become that which we declared independence from. Our forefathers didn’t dwell on the tyranny they channeled their discontent into eliminating it. Our forefathers never lost sight of their driving force in God. They got up every day and persevered toward their goal of establishing, “One Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

We have been dumb down by our schools, brain washed by our media and Hollywood, and terrorized by government agencies that have become weaponized. Dwelling on an issue only plays into their hands by distracting us from getting up every day and working on forming a more perfect union under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Who spilled the milk is of less importance than cleaning up the mess and not letting it sit, sour and get putrid. Yes the guilty party should be accountable as we all should for our actions but in a society we collectively need to focus on the betterment of our nation via the betterment of our individuals. The powers that be and the government they use to manipulate us is comprised of individuals not following the principles of our founding fathers or God and thus we have our current situation that we saw pre 1776.

So the lesson here is wake up everyday and do the righteous things to the best of our abilities. To be a giver to society and country and not a taker. To not let the temptations of network television, media, or Hollywood distract us from being the exceptional humans that being an American has enabled us to be.

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