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Never ending torrent of lies fuel gun control

If you don't have the truth on your side, just make things up as you go. That seems to be the motto of the gun control movement. Misleading facts, skewed statistics, and outright lies are the meat and potatoes of their efforts to nudge public opinion in their favor.

Take, for example, the issue of controlling the flow of illegal guns into Mexico, a lie that has been exposed in this column, as well as by several other Gun Rights Examiners. It is simply not true that 90% of the guns used by the Mexican drug cartels come from the United States, but saying so makes it easier to follow up with applying international pressure to reinstate the failed "assault weapons ban." Now, they're trying the same lie to get pressure from Canada as well.

As expected, the gun grabbers are using this week's fitness gym shooting to rally more support for restricting concealed carry after at least one source is claiming the shooter had a ccw permit. Even if that turns out to be true, arguing that abuse of the system by a small majority means that the vast majority cannot be trusted is absurd. Most drunk drivers have  a driver's license. Do we take those away from everyone in order to cut down on alcohol related traffic accidents? It's an established fact that nearly every subset of society has a few bad apples, but that doesn't spoil the bunch.

Sensationalism by the media plays into this as well. They do it not only to push an agenda (it seems many urban newspapers are run by anti-gun editors) but also to sell papers and bring eyeballs to the screen. For example, the Lorain Morning Journal is reporting that a city councilman found a "9mm Intratec machine gun"  outside a vacant house. This undoubtedly* refers to the TEC-9, a pistol recently demonized by the mainstream media for being a scary black gun. However, it is not a machine gun and is little different from many other semi-automatic handguns. But, you can't let little facts like that get in the way of a good story. While it is possible that it was illegally modified to fire fully automatic, that is an unlikely scenario.

Groups like the Brady Campaign are using Judge Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court as an example of the waning power of the NRA and the gun rights movement, trying to make it seem like gun control is inevitable and people should just give up on trying to protect those rights. Yet recent polling indicates that gun rights are more popular now than they've been in many years. Gun control pundits can only hope that the lies drown out the truth in order to sway public opinion back to their side.

* Update: A new article about the found handgun reveals my prediction was correct and it really was a semi-automatic, not a machine gun.

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  • John Santa Cruz 5 years ago

    Guns suck you guys. They kill people and we should all just hug, sing Kumbaya and eat veggies!
    "Hey! Look over there! It's a group of anti-gun liberals with delusions of utopia... Let's take out our ILLEGAL guns which, we shouldn't have anyway but do because existing gun laws are not enforced and rob them! We know there's no way they will be armed!!!"
    "Aren't we worried about the police?"
    "Not at all Homie, the Supreme Court ruled the police are not responsible for our safety after 3 911 calls went unanswered and those 4 girls were repeatedly raped and beaten by a home invader! Good thing that's never going to happen to my Daughter!"
    Folks this criminals love unarmed victims! Those of you who feel guns should be illegal are not only tragically miss led but are touting powerful un American ideals . As Sovereign Citizens, we are different from ALL OTHER INDIVIDUALS ON THIS PLANET! Mr Heston said it best. Out of my cold dead hand! You can't have the rights so many died for

  • smitch 5 years ago

    Hey John Santa Cruz! For your information... the gun dose not kill it is a tool and in the hand, along with human dynamics is what kills people! The more technical item that kills people is the projectile (BULLET)!

    On a more serious note for all of the anti-gun population you can have my guns and 30 round clips when you pry them from my cold dead hands! You see I believe and will fight to the death to protect my rights as an American!!! So DONT TREAD ON ME!!!!

  • John Santa Cruz 5 years ago

    Hey Smitch, You might want to read my little note again. It was "SATIRICAL". (That means facetious, sarcastic parody meant to be read in fun). Oh, FYI "deos" is actually spelled d-o-e-s...
    I have:
    2 22's
    357 mag hand gun
    357 mag lever action rifle
    mini 14
    mossberg 12 ga.
    radom 9mm hand gun

    60 acres on which, I get to shoot every day and shoot at least 100 rounds a week and I fear AB962. If you don't know what that is, it's a proposed new law limiting your ammo purchases to 50 rounds a month.
    Apologies for trying to be amusing but maybe you should read more closely ;o)

  • Don Holmes 5 years ago

    Its a terrible thing to have to wake up every day just to defend our constitution from a(in my opinion) communist run government.It has saturated both political parties and all their bureaucracys.We the people are to blame for letting it infiltrate this bad. It seems that we are at war with our government every day defending ourselves from their actions. Now!!!. We need to stop our tunnel vision and thoughts(which the congress wants us to have), on the 2nd ammendment, and focus entirely on the CONSTITUTION as a whole. With the way the DNC and the GOP selects our officials,and people like George Soros pays their way in,I actually, deep in my heart,feel like I am starting to live under a dictatorship not a republic form of government. 20 years ago I was called a right wing ratical, now obama calls me a MOBSTER!!!!.You know, he should know the definition of "mobster". If it makes me a member of the"MOB" to voice my opinion at a town hall meeting so be it.WE ALL NEED TO BE "MOBSTERS".

  • Clint 5 years ago

    I too am a firm believer in the Second Amendment and that this country is headed for a drastic and feverish change, for the better. Why is it that so many people are ignorant to the facts. Are they so blinded by what the main stream media, their bought politicians, and all of the ostentatious liars are forcing down their throats? They lead you to believe that they can create this "Eutopia". That could not be any farther from the truth. There will always be evil in this world, no matter what steps are taken. And as we all know, the only ones that can defend against evil are ourselves. That is the only absolute in this world. Like stated before,the police have no obligation to protect any individual from harm. If you indeed value your life, please take a moment to evaluate the equation that the pro gun, anti gun debate inevitably means. You do not necessarily have to agree that everyone needs to own a gun, but instead realive the fact that an armed citizen might be who saves your life.

  • Clint 5 years ago

    (*realize*) that an armed citizen might be who saves your life. If you are so arrogant that you can't see the truth behind what the anti-gun society is preaching at you, as if it were the Scripture itself, then each and every one of you do indeed deserve whatever evil comes your way. It is extremely hateful to say that, but so help me, you have no right to have any kind of opinion. No one will ever tell me that I have to be, or, make me defenseless. EVER!

  • Roy 5 years ago

    Want my guns come and get them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Snake9 5 years ago

    Dan: Linked this story at "semiautomaticheart"

  • JohnG 5 years ago

    Every time there is a tragic shooting,the anti-gun crowd sadly uses it,to try to convince the public,and the politicians,we need more gun laws and gun bans. They succeeded in doing so to many times. To them,that's alway's the answer. But,do these laws and bans really work? Yes,according to them. And we need more of them. The true fact of the matter is,they don't work! The "assault weapons BAN OF LIES" is one example. It failed! The REAL facts,based on government studies says so. Unless you believe these studies are rigged! The anti-gun crowd so called facts,are based on lies,fear mongering,and twisted statistics! And remember,we need more gun laws and bans! Especially for handguns. Hmmm? But could more gun laws and gun bans,eventually lead to no guns at all in the future? Oh yes. The anti-gun crowds dream! They will lie and say that's not true. But,actions speak louder than words. It was some senator i believe,that once said. If we could ban them all,we would! I believe those words!

  • smitch 5 years ago

    John Santa Cruz,

    I was joking with you. I could tell you are just another gun person like myself. Stay the coarse and maybe we beat the antigunners in Calif. and all of the other States as well.

  • madashell 5 years ago

    Gun control has always been about lies and fear mongering and racism

    It was the liberal left in this country that pushed for gun control during the 1960’s after race riots in 1965.

    Stopping Black men from buying guns through the mail was the true goal of the 68 GCA.

    The Illinois FOID card was passed for the same reason.

    True story I heard this myself in 1972 while setting in a barbers chair
    In Illinois the police would tell white gun owners that complained about the law that it was needed to stop the Blacks or the Blacks were going to burn the place down

  • Tommy 5 years ago

    I like how they outlawed 50bmg guns in california. When was the last time anyone was shot with a 50 BMG? Never.