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Never chase a moose on a snowboard in Montana

The Flathead National Forest Service fined Charlie Rush $250 for animal harassment after the 21-year-old snowboarder chased a moose down the trail of a ski slope in Flathead County reported Saturday's Daily Mail.

Charlie Rush, 21, chased the moose down the ski slope. Fortunately neither moose nor snowboarder were hurt.
Facebook Hunter Lamoureux

Hunter Lamoureux, 15, the enthusiastic friend of Rush, filmed the entire 52 second ordeal at the Whitefish Mountain Resort and posted it on Facebook. The video caption read, " Just chasing a moose while big deal."

Obviously, only the snowboarders thought it was no big deal, because the consequences could have been devastating for both the moose and the humans.

Rush and Lamoureux, however claim it wasn't their fault, and stated they were on the ski trail when the moose appeared. They said they waited for the animal to move and tried to get past it when the moose began to run.

According to wkrtv, Forest Service spokesperson, Wade Muehlhot stated:

"If moose feel threatened and go to protect themselves, a person can be seriously injured by them. At the end of the video, you notice that the moose stops and turns. That could have had a very bad outcome for the snowboarder. We're very happy that neither the moose nor the snowboarder were injured. It's very important to get the message out that if you encounter wildlife, please don't engage with the wildlife. Be patient; usually they'll move out of the way, or find a different way around."

Skiers and snowboarders are encouraged to call the ski patrol and report all incidences of wildlife for everyone's protection.

The incident happened two weeks ago.

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