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Never Before seen photos of Seattle Hempfest 2013 with Jenn Findley

In these never seen, have to see to believe photos of Seattle Hempfest 2013, is historical.

First Release of photos courtesy of Jenn Findley-slide0
Jenn Findley
Everlast at Hempfest
Everlast at HempfestJenn Findley

Marijuana was legalized in January of that year, 2013. Seattle Hempfest was the first year that marijuana was legal in the same city.

The mayor stood up on main stage to proclaim: "The Seattle Police Department will be very lenient on marijuana policies, rules, and you will not be arrested if in possession of marijuana."

Jenn Findley's ears rang a tune of post-prohibition of marijuana for the first time in my life, in a state that was more foreign to Jenn Findley at the time.

As media, Jenn Findley, needed to photograph the event. She also ran into someone who later helped her a great deal in her young career.

Rick Cusick, Associate Publisher of High Times Magazine, and Jenn became friends over the three-day festival.

Jenn also went to the concert, Slightly Stoopid and Redman. Courtesy of High Times Magazine.

Here you will see Seattle Hempfest before the talk begins of Hempfest, 2014 in photos.