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Never-before-seen Journey into Nyx images uncovered on MTG-Realm

By now we know where we're going.
By now we know where we're going.

Journey into Nyx is swiftly on its way - the prerelease is in less than a month, which means preview weeks are also approaching very soon. While no cards have yet been spoiled, it's just in time for the hype about the new set's tournament schedule, including the prerelease, launch weekend, and Game Day which will cap off the Hero's Path events that wove through this block. The blog MTG-Realm has released the promotional artwork for each of these events, most of which feature divine characters from Nyx itself and is likely to be used on cards.

First, in the Launch Weekend poster, a god manifests to a worshiper in an open field. We don't know which of the fifteen overlords of Nyx this is, especially since the main figure is composed solely of a Nyx starfield that doesn't have very much definition in terms of features, but given the visual cues - bangles on four arms, hood, ambiguous gender - this looks to be Kruphix, green and blue God of Time.

Next, for League, an epic showdown - an Akroan legionnaire wields a huge chain flail, possibly of divine origin, against a Nyxborn Cyclops, who is reeling from the blow. This is probably a red or white combat instant that takes down big creatures.

Third is Xenagos being summoned by his worshipers - a band of Satyrs dancing around a bonfire. The Rollicking God looks evilly pleased with this whole situation, and this may well be an instant or sorcery that puts creatures from hand to battlefield.

Last is an enigmatic and quite frankly scary image of an army watching a huge humanoid figure - probably a god, judging by size, and possibly Keranos, blue and red God of Storms - in agony. Most disturbingly of all is the fact that this divine individual lacks a Nyx starfield, suggesting that the gods may, in the third-act twist of the block, lose their connection to Nyx and die.