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Never Apologize for Being a Woman: Don’t let religion snuff out your vibrancy

Don’t let religion snuff your vibrancy
Don’t let religion snuff your vibrancy
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In most religious communities—women in particular are somehow held to a stricter standard of pious living. It has been speculated that because of a their reproductive system, women are said to be more emotional and expected to conduct and present themselves in a certain matter that is not tempestuous or distracting.

As a result, it is typically the woman’s fault if there’s a scandal or a man’s reputation is sexually tainted. And sadly, the woman is looked at as a liar or seductress when oftentimes, she is the victim. It is these types of situations in addition to religious doctrine translated out of context that assist some religious communities to snuff the vibrancy out of a woman. When in actuality, it takes two people to commit a sexual scandal and only one to commit a sexual assault. Still, especially when the situation is not brought to justice, it is often times the woman who is at fault. Guilty and never proven innocent—among her religious peers.

Being taught to cover her body and dress in a fashion where a woman is pretty much hiding herself from society is not going to stop sexual assaults or scandals.

The Free Dictionary by Farlax defines a predator as “one that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one's own gain.” That said, if a predator wants someone and in this case a woman, it does not matter what she is wearing or how much she is covered or how pious her character is.

So why should women be taught to “cover up” or passively coerced to apologize for having alluring curves?

If a woman embraces all of who she is, which is in itself a journey of living, learning, and understanding, she will love and respect herself, eventually becoming a stronger person who can better fight off predators. And if by chance, she stumbles and falls victim to a predator or a scandal of her own desires, and remains true to herself, she will survive. She will be O.K. All because she wouldn't apologize for being a woman, expressing what she thinks, feels, experience, and even though she might sometimes make bad choices, she will always rise again, stronger, a bit more humble, and wiser. That is living.

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