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Never a dull moment at Two Bostons

Andy and AdreAnne plan many events to help everyone, including animals, in the community.
Andy and AdreAnne plan many events to help everyone, including animals, in the community.
Two Bostons

The pack at Two Bostons (TB) is continuously looking for ways to improve the lives of dogs (and even cats) within their community. The pack is led by owners Andy and AdreAnne Tesene who have invested themselves in acquiring the best in latest greatest merchandise for the animals in your families so that they are able to live up to their goal to Improve the Lives of People and Pets.

As the month of August is rapidly approaching, the pack at Two Bostons is preparing for their 5th Annual Adopt-A-Rama that will take place in September. But in the meantime will be hosting their Pints 4 Paws that has been scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 16th from Noon until 4:00 p.m. at the Crosstown Pub on Ogden Avenue in Naperville.

In order to gain the largest crowd, they decided to host this event offsite where refreshments could be served to please every palate. Crosstown Pub promises to provide even the pickiest of connoisseurs with beverage delights.

In conjunction with NAHS, Two Bostons will help homeless pets locate their forever home. Part of that effort entails picking up a custom mug for a cash donation of just $20 at either of the Two Bostons Naperville locations (Downtown on Jefferson Street or off of 75th Street at the Springbrook Mall). You can do so through August 15th. Once you have your mug in hand, make sure you bring it to the event on August 16th in order to get just $2 pints or $3 craft pints!

Personal dogs are also welcome at the event, so plan to bring them along. The more the merrier as they always say!

You and your dog can hang out with all the other dog families on the patio to enjoy each other and the surrounding fun. All of the proceeds from the day will go toward the adorable adoptable canines and felines at NAHS.

The main event, the Adopt-A-Rama is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 27th from Noon until 3:00 p.m. at the Two Bostons Springbrook Location in their parking lot area. While September may seem to be far away, all the planning that goes into an event of this magnitude makes it seem to be just a step away.

The Two Bostons crew wants to ensure that as many adoptable pets as possible find their forever home on this date so they are gearing up for family-friendly fun at this their 5th Annual Anniversary Celebration Adopt-A-Rama. The TB pack suggests you mark your calendar now so that you won’t miss out on a day of fun.

Also suggested, if you work with an area rescue or shelter that would like to participate in the Adopt-A-Rama, please contact Two Bostons. They typically have up to 20 regional rescue and shelter groups at the event. Each of the organizations brings with it their cutest and cuddliest canines and felines.

The event is helpful in showing the community members the benefits and joys of adopting an orphaned animal. This event is one of the best ways to help the very deserving animals find their loving forever homes!

So, as you can see, there is never a dull moment for the pack at Two Bostons. This group is continually finding ways to improve themselves and the public’s lives. Stay tuned as they continue their quest to find each deserving domestic animal the loving destination!

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