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Never a better time to buy Antique ship models than today

An example of an early 1900's ship model
An example of an early 1900's ship model

Charlotte, NC: The value of antiques, like so many items in our country, has plummeted recently. Antique ship models are a great case in point.

Many of these models were made by hand around the turn of the century, or from kits in the 1920”s and 1930’s.

As the nation turned from sail to steam and ultimately diesel for its ships, nostalgia for the old sailing ships took over and some wonderful models were created.

A Spanish version, similar to the attached picture, recently sold at Cox Auctions in nearby Chester, SC for $25.

What a bargain! Only 4-5 years ago these models routinely sold for $250-$1,000 at auction or on EBAY.

To view some similar models, including the one pictured go here:

The world is changing and so are antique prices. If you have the stomach for it and the will to invest, now is the time to pick up some of the best antique bargains that we’ve seen in a decade.

“All things entail rising and falling timing. You must be able to discern this.”

- Myumato Musashi

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