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Nevada Tourist Attractions: What To See In Nevada

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Nevada is a state in the mountainous west of the United States and holds many attractions for the tourists. The state shares its borders with the states of California, Arizona, Idaho, Utah and Oregon. The largest and most populated city in the state is the Carson City, which is also the capital of the state. As for tourist attractions, Las Vegas is, by far, the most popular tourist destination for people traveling in the state. However, the state also has much more to offer to its tourists beside the glitzy and glamorous casino town.

Nevada Tourist Attractions

Let us start with Las Vegas itself. Its glorious nightlife is what best defines the city of Las Vegas. The place is almost synonymous with lushy casinos, wild gambling, and fashionable cars and people. Vegas is no less than a pilgrimage for all with a distinct taste and appetite for all the joys and thrills of gambling. However, apart from that, Vegas also has many other attractions to offer for the tourists. Kids, for example, will greatly enjoy the fountain shows, the celebrity impersonators, many live shows, and the array of aquariums in Vegas. To find more details visit the website of Detours Nevada

Lake Tahoe

This is another of Nevada's popular tourist attractions. The great stretch of clear blue water is a sight to cherish for all travellers. If you are touring the place in winter, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding to your heart's content. However, summer visitors may also be sure to not miss out on an array of activities that this place offers, including swimming in the lake, water skiing, and boating, as well as mountain biking and hiking in the hilly regions around the lake.


For the gambling enthusiasts, Reno will be another attractive place to visit. Although not as big and glamorous as Vegas, Reno still offers an exciting nightlife and gambling experience to its visitors. The place is also full of quaint restaurants where you can experience a variety of exotic and unique dishes. A plus with Reno is that it has a lot less crowd than Vegas and the hotels are nowhere as expensive as at the latter. So, if you are looking for a quieter and more peaceful gambling experience, you may as well head out for Reno.

Ghost Towns

If you have a taste for the ruins, you are sure to revel in the sight of the many numbers of ghost towns scattered throughout the mostly arid deserts of Nevada. Ghost towns are something unique to this country, and you are not going to find their likes in any other place in the world. And Nevada is the state where you can find the largest number of such ghost towns. So, it is not easy to recommend just one or two such places for the tourists.

However, the visitors will find of special attraction the two towns of Rhyolite and Metropolis. The former is the larger of the two and all comprehensive Nevada tourism facts will list this once prosperous town as one of its main attractions. Apart from the buildings that are still standing, you can also get a feel of what it used to be in the old days by a visit to the Goldwell Open Air Museum here which houses many curiosities that are sure to intrigue the visitors.

The above, however, is anything but a comprehensive list of all Nevada attractions. Among these, special mention must be made of:

  • The Great Basin National Park
  • The Death Valley National Park
  • The Lamiolle Canyon
  • The Lake Mead recreational area, and
  • The famous Extraterrestrial Highway on state route 375

So, make your own picks and have a great Nevada holiday! Bon Voyage!