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Nevada motel captive rescued thanks to Facebook plea

Jason Edward Greniger, charged in a Nevada motel kidnapping.
Jason Edward Greniger, charged in a Nevada motel kidnapping.
Mesquite Police Department

A Nevada motel captive was rescued after posting a plea for help on Facebook, some six months after she was allegedly kidnapped, KTVU reported on Jan. 15.

The Nevada motel captive, Sheena Herschbach, 26, allegedly had been held against her will for months at a motel in the southern Nevada resort town of Mesquite. Arrested in the motel captive case was Herschbach’s former boyfriend, Jason Edward Greniger, 34, an ex-felon from Minnesota.

Greniger is being held in the Clark County jail and was due in a Las Vegas court Wednesday on kidnapping and other charges related to the Nevada kidnapping, according to KPHO Fox 5.

The Nevada motel captive incident began about six months ago, when Herschbach says she was threatened and held against her will, under fear of physical harm.

Although the Nevada motel captive was held for approximately six months — details about the incident are still sketchy — Herschbach and Greniger have a long and troubled history together, marked by violence. The two started dating in 2009, she said. They have three children together, she said.

According to a story about the Nevada motel captive incident in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Greniger pleaded guilty last year to charges of malicious punishment of a child under age 4, a felony, and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The children are reportedly in foster care.

Herschbach said the two worked as housekeepers at a small Mesquite, Nevada motel before moving into another small Nevada motel about three months ago to manage the property. According to the Las Vegas Sun, the motel captive was allowed to leave only to pick up beer on occasion.

Herschbach says she was too afraid to leave Greniger under threat of violence but that she finally summoned the courage to seek help. She went to a library this past weekend and used the computer to chat online with her sister and post a plea on her Facebook seeking help. According to KTVU, the Facebook post said, “I just want to let every one know I’m sarry I whant to come home but he wont let me yes Jason don’t knoe im online in mesquet novata at the mv motel [sic].”

A friend saw the post and reported it to Mesquite Police, the Sun said. That night, Saturday, Herschbach was rescued and Greniger was arrested, authorities said.

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