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Nevada motel captive rescued after 6 month ordeal: Woman saved by Facebook post

Nevada motel rescue: Woman held six months with death threats by boyfriend.
Mesquite Police

A Nevada motel rescue started when a woman who was being held captive by her boyfriend posted an account of her plight out on Facebook. This Nevada motel rescue was set in motion when the Facebook post was brought to the attention of the police. The post also gave an address making it easy for police to find the woman who was held captive for the last six months at the motel, which led to the arrest of her boyfriend, according to Reuters on Jan. 14.

Jason Greniger, 34, was staying at the MV Motel in Mesquite, Nevada, which is just outside of Las Vegas. The odd part about this story is that his girlfriend, Sheena Herschbach, was not restrained physically. She had been allowed to go to the store by herself and she could have walked out of the motel at any time. It was the threats that Greniger bombarded her with that kept her his captive.

He threatened to kill her and her family throughout this ordeal if she tried to get away. The couple have three children together and all three are in foster care homes after Greiniger was arrested on first-degree felony charges of malicious punishment of a child. He also has an outstanding warrant from that case in Minnesota.

He was taken into custody on suspicion of second-degree kidnapping for allegedly holding Herschbach captive with threats. Greniger agreed to be extradited to Minnesota if the state decides to send for him. He will face the charges in Nevada first on Wednesday.

The Facebook post that Herchbach wrote:

"I just whant to let every one know im sarry I whant to come home but he wont let me."

The post also gave the address of the motel in Nevada, so police went there to investigate. They found a woman who was visibly scared and who believed if she left this man she could lose her life and her family would be in danger.

She had not had contact with her family since this ordeal started six months ago. Her mother died in December and Herschback just learned about the death of her mother after police set her free from this guy’s grips.

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