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Nevada motel captive bizarre twist: Captive woman now motel manager?

The Nevada motel captive story takes a bizarre twist today as the woman, who was held captive by her ex-boyfriend for six months, is now the manager of the motel where she was held captive. According to Fox News live on Wednesday Jan. 15, Sheena Herschbach posted her captive plight on Facebook and police were notified and investigated and arrested the ex.

Woman held captive in Nevada motel for six months is now the new motel manager.
Picture: Jason Greniger (Mesquite Police Department)

Fox News website today reports that the woman was verbally held captive by this man, as she occasionally went to the store alone, but said nothing about needing help. She was not restrained, this man threatened to kill her and her family if she tried to flee.

It was when she went to a library that she was able to post her plight on Facebook. She wrote that she was with Jason Greniger and he wouldn’t let her go. Someone who knew her notified the police in Mesquite, Nevada. Herschbach also posted where she was on Facebook.

The couple have three children together who are in foster care after Greniger was arrested for child abuse of one of the children. He was wanted on a warrant for that case in Minnesota.

Regardless that Herschbach seemingly had ample time to escape this man long ago, she did appear to be scared and was relieved when the officers showed up. She told police:

"I was scared that he was going to kill me," said Herschbach to FOX5. "The most painful part was when he would hit me in the head and keep on and wouldn't stop."

During her six months being held captive she did not have any contact with her family. After police came to her rescue she learned that her mother passed away in December. With her ex now gone and facing jail time, she plans to stay at the same motel and in the same room she was held captive.

She is now the manager of the hotel reports Fox News live today. How that happened is not known, but she reports she is now staying there alone and is managing the motel.

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