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Nevada Libertarian Party Chairman: ‘we are infested with idiots’

Libertarian Party
Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) held its State Convention last week and Party Chairman Joseph P. Silvestri wrote a blog post on the LPN website titled, “I need a break folks”, saying that he has had enough, “and I’m looking forward to not being Chairman anymore.”

“I have little hope that we shall see any quality activists lead the LPN this next cycle. We are infested with idiots,” said Silvestri.

The LPN Chairman said that he has worked for a decade trying to make the Libertarian Party competitive in Nevada but must “concede defeat”.

“In the past, I've worked to support myself and a team of quality activists get elected and work to grow the party. But not this time, I’m done. I’ve decided to not seek any Officer position. Unable to build a large enough coalition of support to justify further efforts, I accept reality. I yield the field to the knuckleheads.”

There are 9,300 registered Libertarians in the State of Nevada, but Silvestri said that “less than 200” have paid their membership dues.

“I’ve struggled to try and raise money and build an organization with very limited funds, and virtually no income stream. I’ve struggled with idiots who find it easier to destroy than create.”

“Registered Libertarians are not “Members” of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. LPNevada membership requires being registered Libertarian (for at least 30 days) and maintaining $50 dues in the LPNevada. This $50 also maintains your $25 national LP sustaining dues”, says Silvestri in his blog post.

Silvestri said that he is looking forward to spending more time with his family and wishes the new officers elected at the convention the best of luck.

“I am looking forward to enjoying the time spent with my children, and doing all the other things I enjoy.”

The new Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada is, Brett H. Pojunis. For a complete list of the newly elected Party Officers, click here.

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