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Neutrinos are possibly half as massive as previously thought, study finds

Simulations comparing the density of matter in a slice of the Universe with and without neutrinos
Simulations comparing the density of matter in a slice of the Universe with and without neutrinos
Shankar Agarwal and Hume Feldman, University of Kansas

It has been long known that neutrinos are among the most vague and lightweight fundamental particles. But, a recent galaxy survey has helped to determine the mass of the neutrino even more.

An analysis performed by researchers shows that neutrinos are about half as massive as was estimated previously. The results are published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

The new lower mass estimate of the neutrino was acquired by a 3-dimensional survey of over 700,000 galaxies that are called MegaZ DR7. The distributions of the galaxies in the MegaZ map seem to be consistent with a neutrino mass estimate that is reduced in the upper limit.

There are still restrictions on the map provided information, however, partly due to there being three varieties of neutrinos (electron, muon and tau) and each likely having different masses.

So, the result of the MegaZ map can just estimate the sum of all three neutrino type masses. The combined mass of the three neutrino varieties is less than 0.28 electron volts according to the galactic distribution of the map.

It is quite clear that that neutrinos have some mass by the detection of sun inbound neutrinos as well as lab experiment neutrinos, even if the survey doesn't offer a lower limit of neutrino masses.

Story material is from the American Physical Society, via EurekAlert!




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