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Neutralize Me!

Though the heat is still too hot to really make yourself believe that cooler days are right around the corner, it's still exciting to see what leaf falling, early sundown, crisp breeze time of year has in store for your closet. Imagining that it could actually happen makes people get all tingly inside, knowing they won't have to deal with melted bubble gum in their cars or scorching car seats that leave your legs looking burned.

One of the key things for your closet this fall will be neutrals. What's the best thing about this fall trend is that you can easily pull from summer elements and make an amazing look. Any monotone shade of brown, black, etc will do the trick. Now it's time to revamp some of the things that you may already own to make it fall ready.

While brown sandals, wedges and heels were in for the summer, it doesn't mean you have to store them all for the cooler days and just have your boots available. Mix up your look on a cooler day with a brown dress and brown heels, (that you wore during the summer), and add black tights or another neutral color. Add a little jacket and you're sure to beat any breeze that gets in your way.

Have some bright summer shoes you just can't seem to get out of your mind? Pairing these with a neutral dress or skirt will add a splash of color and boost your mood. Anything is possible with neutrals. 

Keep your gold around. Wearing a few shades of brown with accents of gold jewelry are the perfect compliment to any look. 

Even though white is only supposed to be worn during certain times of the year, I beg to differ. If you have a great white dress, pair it with tan boots and tights, add a leather coat and your ready to hit the street. 

Whatever it is that you have, these shades and tones can be mixed in so many ways it is sure to not be a boring season. So enjoy! 

Dress featured found at BCBG located in Park Plaza Mall


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