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Neutral colors will sell your home

Neutral colors will sell your home
Neutral colors will sell your home
Andi Peto-Selby

Preparing your home to sell is a form of emotional divorce from any attachment or bond that may have formed while living there. If you have committed to Jackson Pollock like abstracts on the living room walls and primary colors painted on the nursery walls, you are not going to appeal to the masses for resale. Prospective buyers need to envision themselves living in your home. This is accomplished with neutral wall paint color.

Paint provides an efficient and inexpensive change. Transforming the initial view of the home’s interior from deep rich purple to a light and airy shade of sand can actually save you money. You will be increasing the number of buyers interested in your property and most likely shorten the number of days on the market.

A prominent Texas home builder with a business model allowing the buyer to choose options for their house to be built, allows the buyer to choose neutral paint color. This builder spent a whole lot of money surveying prospective buyers for wall paint colors. The most popular paint colors were Sherwin- Williams Kilum Beige or Nomadic Desert. These two colors are frequently requested at the big box stores so often, the paint codes are memorized by the majority of personnel in the paint mixing departments.

If your heart is set on painting your home’s interior, white, at least choose a white with character. Behr’s White Truffle or Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee both offer a softer edge to a harsh, stark white. A neutral white will open up a room and give height to low ceilings. It also offers a crisp and clean appearance.

Creating a neutral interior appearance does not mean a total absence of color. Highlights and hues can be appropriated with throw pillows, area rugs and fresh flowers. Live plants and linens can also provide color personality when staging your home. A statement color for the entryway door will provide a pop of color.

Save the Dragon Enticement Purple and Elvis Black Velvet for the next dream home. If you wish to sell your property in a timely order, stick with the neutral shades.

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