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Neurologist says ADHD does not exist

Breitbart News today reports the claim by Chicago-based behavior neurologist, Dr. Richard Saul, as claiming that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) doesn't exist. Bretbeit reports, “After 50 years of practicing medicine and seeing thousands of patients demonstrating symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dr Saul’s observation is that: ADHD doesn’t exist.”

Doctor says ADHD is not a real disorder

Dr. Saul said the diagnosis lead many children to be prescribed the drug Ritalin to treat the alleged disorder, which in many cases lead to dangerous behavior.

Breitbart reports, “Dr. Saul has identified up to twenty diseases that have been misdiagnosed as ADHD, including Tourette syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, and schizophrenia. He believes that people who think they have ADHD or some other condition are dealing with a normal level of stress in a faster-paced world. The doctor recommends that changing your lifestyle, eating better, getting exercise, and sleeping more will mitigate the symptoms normally associated with ADHD.”

The documentary “Generation RX” also extensively covers the ADHD issue, and how this diagnosis is one of several likely bogus illnesses that were designed to sell more psyciatric drugs and make excessive profits for the major pharmaceutical companies. It also documents how virtually all of the “expert” panalists who are on the committee that decides which mental disorders are included in the American Psyciatric Assocation's “Diagnostic and Statistical Menual of Mental Disorders have close ties and connections to major pharmaceutical companies.

The ADHD hoax has made billions in profits for drugs companies from the tens of millions of children labeled with this bogus “disorder” and prescribed a variety of dangerous psyciatric drugs, including Ritalin. It has also been extensively documented that children who grow up taking drugs for ADHD are highly likely to go on to a life of drug abuse (including illegal drugs) and crime as adults.

Basically, we're ruining an entire generation of children, to make money for drugs companies, by diagnosing them with ADHD and putting them on drugs. It's time we stop this madness, and it's time for parents to say no to ADHD, and say no to drugs, and look for the root causes of the sympton that Dr. Saul notes as the cause, and address those issues rather than letting the so-called experts, who are bought and paid for by the drugs companies, to get their children addicted to drugs.

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