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Since its founding a few years ago has established itself as one of the premier professional networking companies in the Valley. Much of the credit goes to company founder Gelie Akhenblit. She does it with passion and creativity that keeps the company moving in new and more successful directions constantly.

In June launches their one-on-one group coaching program which includes: a one-on-one session with Akhenblit to get deeply into a project and help lay the groundwork for success; weekly group phone and in person meetings to go over action items and progress and her guidance, connections and knowledge.

Her reasons why the program might be a good fit:

· Help in building a networking strategy.

· If you are new to networking and you want someone’s undivided attention to help you get started.

· If you’ve been networking for a while without much success.

· Working on a networking related project and Akhenblit’s experience can help.

How does a person get started with the new program? Akhenblit will schedule a 25 minute interview session and then they can find out if her program is a good fit for the business.

Spots in the program are limited. The cost is $695. To find out more visit

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