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Nets learn lesson in latest point guard rift

Head coach Jason Kidd might land with the Milwaukee Bucks after the Nets refused to promote him within the organization.
Head coach Jason Kidd might land with the Milwaukee Bucks after the Nets refused to promote him within the organization.
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When Deron Williams faced free agency, the Brooklyn Nets backed up the truck for the indecisive point guard. Management engaged in several reckless maneuvers, including an incredibly near-sighted trade with the Portland Trail Blazers that resulted in the eventual drafting of all-everything Damian Lillard.

On Saturday, the Nets reached another standstill with a disgruntled point guard, except this time it was the head coach. Jason Kidd, growing increasingly envious of other head coaches’ powers, reportedly approached management about upping the ante.

According to the New York Post’s Tim Bontemps, Kidd wanted the job of “overseeing the Nets’ basketball operations department in addition to his head coaching responsibilities. The source said Kidd didn’t want general manager Billy King to be dismissed, but wanted to be given a title and placed above him in the organizational hierarchy.”

This time, however, the Nets learned their lesson. Management refused to put the individual above the team, and as a result, Kidd may be on his way out of town.

The Nets reportedly gave Kidd permission to seek further employment with the Milwaukee Bucks, which should signal the end of his star-crossed career with the Nets franchise. Although the Bucks have a head coach and general manager in place, Kidd could become the boss of both Larry Drew and John Hammond, respectively.

Kidd did not deserve such an outlandish promotion. On the heels of one average season with the league’s highest payroll, he wanted to usurp power from those above him. Marquee names only go so far in this game, and the Nets rightly rebuffed Kidd’s power play.

Although Milwaukee appears like NBA Siberia, there is a connection. Marc Lasry, the Bucks owner, once owned a stake in the Nets and also operated as Kidd’s financial advisor. Apparently, the 4-year $10.5 million deal Kidd signed prior to last season was insufficient in light of recent contracts handed out to Derek Fisher and Steve Kerr.

Even if Kidd leaves, the Nets will land on their feet. An assortment of other coaches are more than capable of manning the position, from the experienced in George Karl and Lionel Hollins to the unknown in someone like Fred Hoiberg.

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