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Netherwood challenges Freeman's business experience

Today, May 27, 2014, Libertarian Party of Florida candidate Ray Netherwood suggested a challenge for the Democrat, April Freeman. Netherwood and Freeman are facing Republican Curt Clawson in Florida District 19 for Congress in the general election in November.

In Netherwood's statement this morning (seen below), he suggests Freeman's offering that she is a small business owner and job creator is misleading at best, and false at its worst. Indeed, her website does stat, "From a single location in Macomb County, Mich., Freeman expanded the her company to Los Angeles, Calif., and Southwest Florida..." As a former Republican, Freeman is using the Charlies Crist course of action in her campaign with 'the party left me' excuse as to why she is now running as a Democrat. She is racking up endorsements, however since she is the only Democrat in the race, traditional liberal causes have given her support. Most would also have a problem with her intention to keep up and perhaps escalate the current corporate welfare that goes on in Washington. She states on her website, "We need to support our healthcare, retail, tourism, service and agricultural industries. I will do everything I can on their behalf in Congress."

Curt Clawson recently won a special election for the district over Republican favorite Lizbeth Benacquisto. Contrary to Benacquisto, Clawson has painted himself an 'outsider' of Washington politics; even his committee name is 'The Outsider for Congress Committee'. One of Clawson's main talking points is the repeal of Obamacare and reducing taxes on individuals and business. In March, the Naples News did a scathing piece on Clawson for portraying himself as a conservative Republican decrying government handouts, yet taking them for his company which entered bankruptcy twice. In the article, a sister of a worker who died in one of Clawson's manufacturing plants said, "I think the most important thing for people to realize was that when he was working at Hayes, they shut down a lot of plants that were good jobs."

Netherwood has been in the health industry and worked in government-run health districts after retiring from the United States Air Force. He has a unique eye into the effects of Obamacare and, like Clawson would like it repealed. He said during his campaign on the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on part of the Obamacare law, "What I find disturbing is the blush of partisanship that comes through in some cases … and the disappointing major decisions that get a 5 to 4 ruling. For example, the “Affordable Care Act” — the abomination known as 'ObamaCare' — with the Court ignoring the Administration’s podium pounding that the 'fee' was not a tax, and then five justices ignoring that and finding the 'fee' to be a 'tax' … and then upholding it on that basis. They got it wrong." Netherwood has also been pestering Freeman and Clawson to debate him in public, however neither have come forward willing to take him on.

The following is what Ray Netherwood said this morning:

"Ms. Freeman recently challenged Mr. Clawson to complete a drug test ... which was fruitless because of his religious beliefs ... it would be like asking a devote Catholic to prove she had never had an abortion. However, Ms. Freeman has publicly and privately claimed during this campaign, that she is 'a small business owner' and 'a job creator' and that 'the business has three offices, based in southeastern Michigan, here in SWFL, and one in Los Angeles' -- which I assert is either delusional or willfully misleading. There are no filings by Ms. Freeman with the state corporations offices in Florida, Michigan, or California for an entity by the name of 'Spiked Heel Productions,' there are no physical addresses listed on the 'website' -- no phone number for California, and of the two phone numbers listed, one is reported as a cell phone from Michigan, and the other a private residence in Ft Myers.

"So, voters need to know that they're not going to send someone to DC either not grounded in reality or who is going to be spinning one yarn after another. There's enough of that up there already. I may not be the best researcher, and I would not want to make false assertions. Therefore, I challenge Ms. Freeman to provide copies of filings for the last five years of: annual reports filed with the three states; gross revenues for each year; number of employees at each office; number of completed projects and number of 'jobs created;' the company's client list; and the first two pages of the Federal tax return for 'Spiked Heel Productions'.

"I would ask that Ms. Freeman provide the copies to the editor of either the Naples Daily News or News-Press (her choice), and I request on behalf of the citizens of the District, that the chosen publication conduct a review. The results of such a review should be publicly released. Documents should also be provided to any other media outlet wishing to assess the validity of her claims versus my assertion of possible fraud. This should also be done promptly. Ms. Freeman gave Mr. Clawson 48 hours to appear for a test, I challenge Ms. Freeman to clear the air and provide the copies by noon Friday, May 30th."

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