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Netflix takes dig at Amazon's drone service idea with 'Drone 2 Home' promo

It was the idea that spawned multiple jokes, and now one of Amazon's biggest competitors has come out with a parody of its own.

According to Wired on Tuesday, Netflix responded to Amazon's plan to eventually introduce drone delivery by making a promotional video for a new fake service called "Drone 2 Home." The video is a direct response to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' 60 Minutes interview in which he announced the idea, as well as the promo video for Amazon Prime Air, both of which were released in early December.

In the Netflix spot, DVD Division General Manager Hank Breeggmann deadpans that the company is getting back to its "creative roots" with a groundbreaking new service aimed at getting customers their DVDs in "mere seconds" after adding them to their queues. How's that for service?

We also get some footage of the unmanned aerial vehicle plopping DVDs onto porches and people's laps, though they're admittedly still working out some of the issues.

“Unlike other companies trying to rush unproven technology to market, we have literally spent days working out most of the bugs,” Breeggmann says.

Despite the dig, Amazon is actively working on developing the technology with the hope that seeing Amazon drones will be "as normal as seeing mail trucks." In December, Bezos said the actual Amazon Prime Air service could possibly be ready to go sometime in 2015, depending on whether the Federal Aviation Administration signs off on it.

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