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Netflix speed: The need for speed pays off in Netflix-Comcast deal.

Netflix speed: The need for speed pays off with Comcast deal.
Netflix speed: The need for speed pays off with Comcast deal.
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Netflix streamed faster in February for Comcast customers after a deal was struck between Netflix and the biggest cable provider in the nation. Along with Comcast, other Internet providers had complaints of Netflix taking too big of a chunk from their bandwidth, especially during the hours of prime-time TV viewing, according to CNN Money on March 11.

Netflix traditionally delivered their traffic through third parties, but a deal they struck with Comcast to change that has Netflix streaming faster for Comcast customers. Netflix pays the large cable company to feed its videos directly to the Netflix customers.

With Comcast servicing 23 million throughout the nation, this large cable provider was a struggle for Netflix before the deal was made. Without direct access to Comcast, speed struggles with the large cable network were a problem.

The list of major broadband providers had Comcast’s Netflix at number 13 after four straight months of declining on this list. They jumped to 11 in February, but still have a long way to go, suggests CNN Money.

Netflix accounts for as much as one third of the Internet traffic during prime-time TV viewing hours. Comcast wouldn’t allow Netflix direct access with open connection arrangements for free like Cox and Cablevision do. Cox and Cablevision lead all other internet providers in Netflix speeds. A Netflix pay-for-access arrangement is on the table with Verizon and AT&T.