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Netflix scam: Phishing scam tricks customers for personal information

Netflix phishers are looking to scam good people.
Netflix phishers are looking to scam good people.

Netflix users need to be really careful because they could end up having their personal info in the hands of the wrong people. A Netflix phishing scam is currently sweeping around and as Inquisitr reported on March 4, 2013, the scammers are tricking people into calling "customer support" so they can steal all their personal information.

The Netflix phish scam is a smart one, as far as scams go, because those looking to steal information can end up getting it from the over 44 million subscribers. The scary part is that number is just Netflix subscribers in the United States alone.

What happens is that Netflix users will get a fake website alert instructing them to call into customer support, they are prompted to give personal information. The only problem is that the number they are calling isn't real Netflix customer support.

That is where the Netflix phishing scam gets them.

The people the Netflix users are talking to is someone overseas and they'll advise the users to download some "helpful software" to get their account off suspension.

Once that software is downloaded by the Netflix user, the scammers can take over a person's device and access all the information they need. It's also possible that the fake customer support numbers will ask for credit card information and simply steal your identity.

Be fully aware of what is going on with the Netflix phishing scam, and don't fall for it.

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