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Netflix scam: Fake Netflix website scams users, steals their information

Netflix DVDs
Netflix DVDs
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A Netflix scam has put Netflix users' credit and other personal information at risk. On April 14, CBS News reported that a "fake website" was created to try and trick people into thinking they were legitimately on the Netflix site to sign up. Several people were led to the fake site via emails and/or pop-ups. Once they entered their information some people received emails that said something like "We have temporarily suspended this account." Hackers had stolen all of the information that they typed in on the fake site.

"It combines a phishing scam with a tech support scam," Jerome Segura, a computer expert with Malwarebytes, explained to CBS News.

The Netflix scam got even more complicated when users tried to call an 800 number provided in the "suspended account" email. Most people were connected to a person -- a "con-artist" -- who would tell the users he needed to access their computers. The man on the line would walk victims through the process of granting him remote access and then steal their computer files.

Segura said that he created "fake banking sheets" on his desktop and he saw they were being stolen as he was on the phone with the fake Netflix employee. It is unclear how many people were targeted or if anyone is being held responsible in this case. It is believed that an investigation is pending.

The Netflix scam is no longer active according to a spokesperson from (the real) Netflix.