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Netflix scam: New Netflix scam message starts with 'account is suspended'

Netflix scam: The real Netflix will never ask to control your computer remotely.
Netflix scam: The real Netflix will never ask to control your computer remotely.

A Netflix scam looks fairly realistic when it first pops up and it is putting users’ credit cards and their personal information at risk. It starts with an email or a pop-up that directs you to 1-800 number where the scammer is waiting for your call. This scam combines both a phishing scam and a tech support scam and it is easy to fall for.

According to CBS News on April 14, this email or pop-up directs you to a realistic looking Netflix website, but it is fake. You first get a notice that your Netflix has temporarily been suspended, but it gives you a 1-800 number to call.

The person on the other end of that phone number is a scam artist who says there is a problem, but he can fix it if you grant remote access to your computer. The scammer walks you through the remote access and bingo! He takes over pretending to get your Netflix up and running once again.

What he is really doing is stealing your information that you have in your computer by downloading your files. Jerome Segura set up a fake desktop with some fake bank accounts and other information. He called the scammers to see just how far they went with this scam.

After he gave the scammers remote access to his computer he watched as they downloaded his files that he had put out for bait. He had set out fake banking sheets on his desktop and he watched the guy download them as they were speaking.

When they are almost done the guy asked Segura for his credit card information and this is when Segura hung up. He saw just about enough to know these guys have this scam down pat. They were that good with this Netflix scam that it was easy to see how folks could fall for this.

The Consumerist reminds people today that Netflix will never ask to remotely control your computer. Netflix does not believe this is an active scam anymore, but they didn’t say how many people were targeted with the scam.

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