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Netflix reaches in the Cookie Jar

Not all of these programs are accessible on Netflix.
Not all of these programs are accessible on Netflix.
Courtesy Cookie Jar Entertainment.

Cookie Jar Entertainment is gearing up to offer some of its kids programs on Netflix streaming video service. For those in the US, that means access to Busytown, Johnny Test, Metajets and Strawberry Shortcake. In Canada, there's nine titles, all different than the US offerings: Bunch of Munsch, Caillou, Country Mouse City Mouse, Heathcliff, Horseland, Inspector Gadget,Paddington, Wimzie's House and Zoboomafoo.

One hopes that some of their more popular programs will become available, in the coming months. The new Care Bears, The Doodlebops, Arthur, Postcards from Buster, and Will and Dewitt would all be great to see available on Netflix. There's a variety of other programs in their deep library of 6000 half-hours of programs, like Madeline, the Archie and Sabrina animated series,Emily of New Moon, Dennis the Menace, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and a personal fave, Bump in the Night. Canada's Cookie Jar took over DiC Entertainment back in 2008, to little fanfare.

Earlier in the year, NBC Universal and Warner Bros. were added to the roster, while Disney Channel, ABC, and ABC Family were added in early December. That said, there's a 15-day delay between the original airing and Netflix availability.

Speaking of Inspector Gadget: Toronto's XMG Studio has just released a iPod/iPad app called Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash, based on the look and sounds of the original 1980s series. Beyond the game, it comes with a Gadget sound board, concept art, and a few preview pages of the Inspector Gadget Comic Book from Viper Comics. It currently sells for 99 cents, half the supposed normal price.