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Netflix phishing scam: How to keep from being a victim

The story of a Netflix phishing scam is one of the hot topics making Internet news this week, The Blaze reported Monday and there is advice about how to not become a victim of this scam.

The new scam is specifically targeting Netflix customers. It is a standard phishing scam. It directs users to a phony website after the customers try to log in. Then customers are provided with a fake customer service number.
Users get a phony error webpage that looks authentic. It has the Netflix logo and tells the user that his or her account has been suspended. The reason given is “unusual activity.”

Fake customer service

A fake customer service number is provided. A person who answers the phone in customer service pushes the caller into downloading fake “Netflix support software.” But of course, the software is really viral malware. The malware gives the scammers access to the user's computer. The scammers also get the users to send copies of their ID’s or credit card.

Protect yourself

How can you protect yourself from becoming a victim of the Netflix phishing scam?
Experts say that you should be very reluctant to download anything over the Internet unless is is from a source that you have gotten directly, not from a link in an email.

And absolutely do not let someone remotely control your computer. A legitimate company would not ask you for pictures of your credit card or ID. You should always look for Netflix’s customer service number on your own or find the correct Netflix address through a Google search or simply type it in directly yourself.

Netflix’s direct Web site address is simply Type in the address directly and don’t become the next phishing victim.

The Latin Post offers this advice, "The rule of thumb is not to trust someone over the phone, especially if they are asking you for critical information such as passwords. Better yet, do not even give your credit card or ID numbers over the internet and always verify the URLs in your browser's address bar."

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